Fly me away on an Aeroplane, High in the sky!

4 Jan

Hi how are you all doing! Happy New Year, I hope it is a good year for you all.

As people who follow me on Facebook know some of my friends are doing a skydive on March 2nd at St. Andrews for Muscular Dystrophy for the Duchenne Breakthrough Fund. This fund was set up to find effective treatments for this condition. Click the link above to learn more.


I am very grateful to those of my friends that are being brave enough to undertake this challenge. To support them and to raise more funds I am running a race night on Friday 21st of February in the Larkfield Masonic Hall in Greenock if you want a ticket let me know they are £5 each. If anyone could support this event by sponsoring a race, buying a horse, providing a raffle prize or by making a donation I would be very grateful. Please let me know if you can help in anyway .

I am very passionate about supporting the breakthrough fund as I want to make life better for people with MD like me. The more funds we can raise the sooner the breakthrough fund will be able to achieve this. The more money that’s goes towards this research the better. I also really want to help the Ventilation Service Team at the Southern General Hospital get more funding but more on that soon!

To help my fundraising I have created a Family Fund under the name Team Bryan. This enables me to have a say on what the money raised is used for. I also created a Team Bryan Just Giving page for people to sponsor the skydivers Team Bryan Just Giving Page

I want to thank those doing the Skydive they are Nicole Gilbert, Jennifer Rankin, Nicole McLean, Tracy Williams, Louise Smith, Louise Tosh, Suzi McCauslan, Monica Blair, Jacqueline Strachan, Jenna Ewing, Cheryl Strachan, Grant Tosh, Noyon Thomson, Nicole English, Ryan Molloy & Lauren Reid.

Thanks for any support you can give me with this as it really means a lot to me.

Take care.


Who’s to say I can’t do everything, Well I can try!

29 Oct

As you may have read I am planning to do some fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy. I want to do it for lots of reasons first of all to give something back. I also want to do it to prove to myself I can still achieve my goals and organise and event that runs well. I also have been up and down with my health the last two months with bugs in my trachi and I was feeling positive about it. However it did start to get to me when it went on, so I wanted to have some goals and something to look forward to to cheer me up.

I had a good summer in the hot weather and did lots of fun things. However from about mid August I haven’t been feeling great and did get down but decided I need to pull my self out if it. So by planning stuff and with the help of my friends and family I am feeling happier. I decided life is to short to be unhappy all the time.

I am looking forward to Christmas as well as I love spending time with my friends and family. I also love buying people gifts as I love seeing peoples faces when they get a gift that they didn’t expect!

I love Christmas!

Hope you are all well, talk to you soon.


25 Oct

I am planning to do a fundraising night for Muscular Dystrophy at the end of January 2014, I am doing it alongside the MD fundraiser. They say I can do a split fundraiser where I could get some funds to help me get any equipment I need.

We did a race night before I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas of things I could do, if not I could do another race night. I was also going to see if I could run a raffle as well. I would appreciate any suggestions, or any help anyone could give me please.

I want to do this to give something back and help research into MD.

Thanks everyone.

Team Bryan

18 Aug

I thought I would write a wee thing about the wonderful team I have looking after me! Most of them I have known for a good few years and they all mean a lot to me as with out them I would be less independent. Also my family would be shattered with out their support and I wouldn’t get such great people keeping my company most days! I would not get out and about as much as I do.

The names of the people in this hard working team are Ashley, Cat, Gill, Jennifer, Julie, Liz , Nicole G, Nicole M. Also we have 2 new members Lizanne and Fiona who are being trained just now on how to look after my trachi and vent.

Team Bryan was a name I thought of when I first got my trachi and my team got all their training in hospital. I realised then that my recovery would be a long slow process but I would recover and I would return home eventually. My team mean a lot to me and are like part of the family, and I dont know what I would do without them. I could never repay the kindness, friendship and support they have given me. I really appreciate all their help and love the good times we have together.

I would also like to thank the former members of my care team and people that have looked after me over the years. So to Laura, Peter, Nadine, Audrey, Elaine, Michelle C, Michelle D, Nicola and to any other current or former workers of the healthcare company that look after me thanks for all your help. Not forgetting the council staff that have helped me in the past thanks for everything.

“Get up” a voice inside says “There’s no time for looking down

9 Aug

Was thinking it was time for a blog! I have got one of these bugs in my trachi again and am feeling a bit rough and was starting to feel a bit fed up even though I have had a great laugh with my team who were looking after me while my folks were are having a well earned break! However I thought to myself ‘No!’ As it is going to keep happening and I can’t stop it so I’m just going to stay up beat and fight it hard! And the song words I used as the title are from a song called Summertime by The Sundays a group I wish would start recording again! Even though its a song about love (aren’t 75% of songs though) these words sum my feelings up about my thoughts today!

I have has a great summer so far with my holiday, going to Laura’s wedding with my friends and made some new friends too! I also had a day out with some great pals and spent lots of time with my family!

I still have not came up with a charity fundraising idea I can do or a place I could take a special day out to your ideas are welcome and helpful as I am quite indecisive just ask Nicole lol!

That’s me for now hope you are all well!

From The Moment I Wake To The Moment I Sleep

21 Jun

Hi everyone I am just back from my trip to Dirleton in East Lothian at Denis Duncan House

It was a good holiday with my Mum, Dad, David, Michelle and Zara! It also was very relaxing and let me recharge my battery’s. I did miss my friends and my team tho! It gave me time to think and reassess things, I have put off things I wanted to do and think I have been lazy with some stuff. So I am going to double my efforts to do these things as life is for living and is too short not to do the things you want.

I want to do the following:

  • Fundraise for Muscular Dystrophy
  • Apply to The Willow Foundation for a special day
  • Help create a charity for ventilation patients at Southern General Hospital with the Home Vent Team
  • Have lots of fun!
  • I know I can do these things however I would be grateful for any suggestions or help with these tasks.

    I want to do these things firstly the special day as I would love do something amazing that I will always remember. Also I want to fundraise as I want to put something back to the organisation’s that have helped me. I also want to do lots of fun things as we all need some fun.

    Finally if I succeeded with these achievements I would be able to show people that no matter what with friends and family at your side anything is possible. I will end with a quote that sums it up for me.

    Cos yeah, everybody here’s got somebody to lean on

    Still Smiling

    25 Apr

    It’s been a hard month and a bit but I am still smiling! At the start of last month I was feeling a bit dodgy and ill. I started feeling better but the weekend of the 7th I started feeling worse again. The following Wednesday my mum wasn’t happy with me and phoned the hospital and they wanted to admit me. So me and Mum went up to the Southern General with Ashley and Jennifer into A and E. I was taken in and examined and after five hours waiting I was taken into the ward. Dr Davidson wasn’t in the hospital when I arrive so to be on the safe side I was went to A and E first. When I got into the ward and settled I seen Dr D and it turns out that my infection markers were up And I had a slight bit of pleurisy as well as a bug called Enterobacter Aerogenes. So I was given two kinds of IV Antibiotics and after a few days it made me feel better after more sleep than I ever had in ages.

    So after a few more days rest and treatment I was allowed home and told to rest which I did and start to pick up enough for my Mum and Dad to go away on holiday and left me in the capable hands of my amazing Care Team!! However I started to feel dodgy again two weeks ago and it turns out the bug had returned. Dr Davidson has decided to use a nebuliser to try and break it up without the need for more Antibiotics. As he thinks if I get a period off antibiotics I might not have these bugs all the time as if I get an antibiotic is gets rid of one germ but gives the others a chance to try and take over my trachi site. The nebuliser is called Dnaes and it breaks down secretions but is mainly used on patients with Cystic Fibrosis.

    After I heard the news it was back I was a bit down but decided to be more positive and happy. I just said to my pal Nicole tonight that I am feeling quite happy even with all this going on.